Flu Vaccine

Flu is a collection of symptoms that cause severe illness in an individual, the virus commonly causes high fever, headaches, aching and painful joints, coughs, tiredness and fatigue. This often leads to individuals taking a number of days off sick form work, as symptoms can last for up to 5-7 days.

The flu virus itself is highly contagious, and can spread amongst staff very quickly. Often symptoms wont show for 1-4 days, before someone feels unwell, for most these symptoms are mild.

Facilitating in an annual flu vaccine programme has been proven to reduce staff sickness from flu related absences. An estimated 75 lost days per year are caused by flu, costing over £11,000.

It’s easy to organise a flu clinic thought Network Medical, we will come to your workplace, thus reducing the time staff are away from their working tasks. For a minimal investment, could save you thousands and reduce the impact of flu related sickness and loss of working hours.

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